Justin Bieber offered a very important life lesson in the form of a short Instagram video. The Biebs wiped out while skateboarding and captioned the clip with an inspiring message.

The singer posted: "Always get up when u get knocked down."

Short, simple and true.

The Biebs was on a skateboarding ramp, dressed in all black with a knit cap covering his famous, lush locks. He tried to catch a little air on a simple ramp but he failed -- epically. He landed on his back but with a smile on his face after he ate it.


It inspired us to LOL, but only because it was very obvious that the Biebs was not injured during his tumble. He was giggling, too.

It's not how you fall but how you get up. And in 2013, Da Biebs was the master of getting back on his feet.

Here's to 2014, kiddo. And keep practicing your skateboarding skills!