If you are thinking about planning your summer trip you might also be watching gas prices but now there is way to check which days has the cheapest gas prices.

According to the Gas Buddy app, they have been measuring gas prices everyday for the last few years or so. They mostly get their gas prices from their millions of users that use the app and travel to get gas.

The Gas Buddy App has now taken all of their information from the last few years to settle on which day or days would be the best to purchase gas. In 2017 according to the app, Monday is the best day to buy gas, but this could also depend on where you live in the country as well. With Monday being the cheapest Thursday is the most expensive day to buy gas this year. There are a couple of factors that could make Thursday a bad day to buy, but you can find out more about that here. 

Monday or Tuesday have been named the best day to find cheapest gas the last 3 years.

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