Charlies Bar & Grill, located in Potterville, has been shutdown since the end of last year for violations of the Gathering and Face Mask order issued by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Department.  Now a state Judge has ordered the Mid Michigan Bar to apologize, in writing, for the General Managers behavior when an Investigator was at the business and was only doing his job.

The owner of Charlies apologized on behalf of the bar's General Manager, his brother, for the way an investigator was treated.  The bar's owner said that the GM's behavior was completely and totally unacceptable.

  Administrative Law Judge Michael J. St John said in his order that "the licensee's GM's conduct was akin to a toddler acting out. "  the order went on to say that "his frustration was understandable, but severely misplaced and is inappropriate lashing out at a public officials who was only doing his job.  This behavior continued even after his wife and the officer accompanying the investigator told him to tone it down."

The "temper tantrum" as the Judge called it, cost Charlie's Bar & Grill a $600 dollar fine and an extension of the Potteville's bar suspension. Judge St. John added a 23 day extension to the liquor license suspension.  That new suspension will be lifted at 7am on January 15th.

Since September 31 establishments in Michigan have had their liquor licenses suspended for violating an order from the Health and Human Services Department.  Two of those suspensions were at Mid-Michigan bars, Charlies in Potterville and Mikes Sports Page located in Charlotte.

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