When I learned that Joey Bragg, from Disney's "Liv and Maddie," was going to be at Kidabaloo, I wanted to learn more about him. And this AWESOMENESS is what I found!

Joey is not only one of the main characters of the show he's on, he also does this comical YouTube series with girlfriend Audrey Whitby (who is a star in the show The Thundermans on Nickelodeon!). They drive around L.A. picking up "strangers" and interviewing them during the drive. Now, do not fret, they are not picking ACTUAL strangers, they are "pseudo strangers" (I have a suspicion that they know everyone they speak to). And the results: highly laugh inducing!

Check out one of the videos yourself!

Also, I've been hearing some rumors that Joey might be bringing someone along with him when he comes to Kidabaloo on Sunday! So if you'd like to meet the Disney star and his surprise guest, jump in a giant bouncy house, or even just enjoy some time inside away from the harsh, cold weather we're having...make sure to get your tickets to Kidabaloo. It's all going down this Sunday at the Holt High School from 11-4 pm. You can get more info and tickets HERE!