After a lukewarm stint as a solo artist, Joe Jonas appears to have his true musical calling as a frontman for the pop group DNCE. And while he's grateful for ultimately coming into his own, Joe recently expressed some jealousy toward his little brother, Nick Jonas, who catapulted to solo success shortly after the dissolution of their family band, the Jonas Brothers.

“I’m envious at times, watching his artistry and how he went so quickly into creating music and an album,” Joe admitted in an interview with Gotham Magazine.

But Joe also notes it was important for him to take the time to sort through his own musical goals and ambitions before setting out to accomplish them.

“But I also knew that it was important to take time for myself to be able to figure out what exactly I wanted to do next," he said. "It’s so easy to just jump right into something and release more music, and it might not be the right fit. Now we’re able to support each other from afar.”

Joe also elaborated on why he made the switch from solo pop act to frontman.

“I’m very proud of the music that I was able to create,” Jonas told the publication, “but I think at the time it was a lot of cooks in the kitchen when it came to making the music. I look back now, and I’m glad I went through that, because I would be in the same position [now] that I was then, where I’d be trying to go the Justin Timberlake route.

"It wasn’t what I felt most comfortable doing," he continued. "I always loved being in a band surrounded by great musicians and people that love it as much as me, and being able to perform onstage with a group of friends and have a blast. That’s at the core of what DNCE has been for the last two years—just pure fun for us.”

Head over to Gotham Magazine to read their full interview with Joe Jonas.

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