Actor Jason Momoa, best known for his rolls in Aquaman and Game of Thrones, was spotted spending some time here in Michigan this week. Momoa  was spotted at a home in Ferndale on Friday and word spread quickly bringing out fans trying to catch a glimpse of the hunky actor.

News that the actor was in town easily became big news once a post was made to a Twitter account private and to a Facebook page called the Fabulous Ferndale Forum.  A Detroit television station captured video of a masked Momoa quickly exiting a home and leaving heading off in a car. The Facebook post however was able to catch him sans the mask.

The real question is why was the actor in town? Especially now? Facebook posted the rumor that the actor was in town filming a new movie. Twitter was a buzz sharing the rumor that he was in town to film a commercial. Many will remember he appeared in the 2020 Super Bowl ad for Detroit-based Rocket Mortgage.

As much as both of those would make perfect sense, according to the WDIV report, Momoa's representative said he was in town visiting a friend and not for any filming. The actor has always had a fondness for the "D" and actually celebrated his 35th birthday in the city celebrating all day long with friends 5 years ago.

As for his quick exit when he saw the gathered fans, WDIV's anchor/reporter Jason Colthorp said, "Momoa ... got worried when the crowd got so big. He was worried about creating an inadvertent health emergency and felt the best course of action was to just kind of get out of there,"

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