When Dwayne Johnson turned down Vin Diesel’s offer to help close out the Fast & Furious franchise with a return in the upcoming Fast & Furious 10which is expected to be a two-part movie — he left an awfully big Under Armour base layer to fill. There are not too many actors out there with the bulk, action experience, and charisma to pull off the same sort of roles as the Rock; that’s why he’s one of the highest paid movie stars in the world.

But the Fast producers clearly think they’ve found someone who’s got a similar set of skills who they can add to the cast. The Hollywood Reporter claims Jason Momoa, he of the Aquaman and Dune franchises, is “in talks” to co-star in Fast & Furious 10. At this point though, they have no information about the plot of the film, who Momoa would play, or even if he’s going to be an ally or nemesis of Diesel’s Dominic Toretto. (THR says that the script “is still a work in progress” and it is “unclear whether Momoa’s part is protagonistic or antagonistic in nature, or perhaps even both.”)

After Johnson’s departure from Fast & Furious following a falling out with Diesel, the series brought in John Cena for some new blood in F9. Like Johnson, he’s a former WWE wrestler turned movie star, who can handle both action and comedy; in F9 he played Dom’s previously unmentioned brother Jakob. F9 left things in such a way that Jakob could return in Fast 10, and presumably he still will — but Momoa adds yet another charming, burly action dude into the mix. In a franchise like Fast & Furious, you can’t have too many of those.

Fast & Furious 10 is currently scheduled to open in theaters on May 9, 2023, with Fast 11 following the following year. Momoa’s Aquaman sequel is due in theaters in December of 2022.

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