James Franco made headlines this week when his alleged propositioning of a 17-year-old via Instagram went viral.

But was it real? I don't think so and here are a few reasons why:

James Franco has said his 2009 guest stint on daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives was "performance art". Remember that?

He unexpectedly showed up on Live! WIth Kelly and Michael this morning to confess his guilt in the messaging scandal. But also, HEY! ABOUT MY NEW MOVIE......Palo Alto, the new movie that stars Franco as a soccer coach who starts an affair with a TEENAGER, just happened to release its first trailer on April 1st. The day all this Franco/Teen Lovin went down.

And finally, it's James Franco. I'm supposed to believe a super smokin', rich and famous, Hollywood actor is interested in a 17 year old Scottish nobody? I'm not buying it. What I am buying though, is a ticket to see Palo Alto as soon as it comes out. And I bet I'm not the only one.