ATTENTION JACKSON K-MART SHOPPERS.....I mean, "Sears" shoppers.

The Jackson Crossing location of Sears will be closing in November, thanks to the company's budget cuts of 'unprofitable stores', so the Sears spokespeople say.

To add insult to injury, out of 46 Sears and K-Mart stores to close by the end of the year, this is the ONLY Sears in Michigan to be shut down.

According to a Sears news release, "As part of our ongoing efforts to streamline Sears Holdings’ operations, strengthen our capital position and focus on our best stores, this week the company informed associates at 46 unprofitable stores that we will be closing these stores in November 2018."

Sears will start liquidating their stock as soon as Thursday, Aug. 30. The Sears Auto Center will remain open until late October.

Originally located in downtown Jackson at 287 W. Michigan Avenue circa the 1920's, Sears, Roebuck & Company announced in 1964 it was closing and moving to Paka Plaza (now called Jackson Crossing). It finally moved in 1966, five years after the Plaza opened (1961). And now, fifty-two years later, it's closing down again, much to the chagrin of long-time Sears customers. This makes it close to a total of 100 years since Sears has been in Jackson.

I shopped there many times, buying appliances, clothes, records, etc.; I also had cars repaired at the auto shop. And now it's going away. So take advantage of liquidation sale prices when they hit and let them know your feelings when you get there.



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