We are all getting more health conscious and with coronavirus still around, Jackson is trying to make more healthy choices with smoke free areas. The areas that will be smoke free will be parks and cemeteries. According to WILX, there are 27 parks in Jackson with 2 cemeteries.

This ban was just voted in through the Jackson City Council earlier in the summer. The ban will go into effect starting today (August 14th). You don't want to violate the ordinance because first you will be asked to stop using the tobacco products. The second step is asking the person to leave the area if they don’t stop using the products. If you don't comply with either you will receive a civil infraction and be subject to fines of no more than $100.

Jackson isn't the only place that smoking bans in public parks and other pubic places. If you need to smoke and you are near a park you can just go on to the sidewalk or back to your car and smoke. Plus is there really a need to smoke at the park? Or The cemetery?

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