Living in this economy is stressful!

Everything is so ridiculously expensive. It seems like it costs money to simply breathe air.

I conducted a Facebook poll to see what Michiganders feel are the most expensive things that they have to deal with daily.

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Top 4 Financial Pains For People in West Michigan

1. Rent


Don't get me started with the rental prices in Michigan!

Finding a decent place that doesn’t consume 90% of your paycheck is becoming next to impossible.

Most of the time, the rent is only the bare minimum and you still have to pay utilities, parking, etc.

It is giving scam.

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2. Car Insurance

Driving while insured is now a luxury! Those car insurance rates have skyrocketed. I understand why people are probably riding dirty right now.

It is important to have car insurance, but I get that it can be a costly struggle.

3. Electric Bill


In our Facebook poll, someone specifically mentioned that it is DTE that is running up a check.

All Michigan parents are probably running around turning all of the lights off, much to the disdain of their kids.

Besides the electricity, I would have to add all utilities to this one.

4. Groceries

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Remember when it didn't hurt your heart to fill up your cart? Exactly! Never!

Because you have to eat food to survive, it is insane that your grocery trip can cost you a pretty penny.

All I want to do is meal prep for the week, but now it feels like I can only eat one meal a week with these prices.

What else do you consider super expensive in Michigan?

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