We love our fur babies!  Dogs (my fav) or cats are the best companions!  They're members of our family.  So, What do you do if you find someone's lost pet?

Aside for looking for a tag be sure to use common sense in the immediate moments after finding the four-legged good boy or girl.. Put the animal somewhere safe and ensure they're cared for with water & food.  If you don't have pet food on-hand, google what is safe for a dog or cat to eat -- some human foods are very harmful for them.

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New technology allows many police departments in Genesee County and the surrounding counties to scan for a chip.  These chips contain all of the relevant information to your pet and getting him or her back to their home.  If there isn't a chip, call Animal Control at 810-732-1660 or local animal shelters like Humane Society.  (If you want your pet micro-chipped, please talk to your vet!)  Around greater Flint & Genesee County, you can also post a pic of the animal to the Lost Pets of Genesee County, MI Facebook page, here.

Nathan's White German Shepherd January 2022
Nathan's White German Shepherd January 2022

There could be one more scenario to consider.  Some people don't like animals (I don't trust those people, for the most part).  What do you do if the found pet is chipped and has tags and their owner doesn't respond?  If you're a responsible human (or "hooman" in dog voice) and want to be a pet owner, Michigan Law (M.C.L.A. 287.388) states you can legally own the dog after 4 days or 7 days if the animal has a collar, license, or other evidence of ownership.

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