As if things today are expensive enough, it turns out some Michigan shoppers may have been paying for more than they got at one store. It turns out that some produce purchases made at one Michigan store may have left a sour taste in your mouth, and not because of the fruit.

It turns out shoppers not only in Michigan, but across the country may have been overcharged for fruit at their local Walmart stores. Recently, Walmart was sued for overcharging on their pay-by-weight items, like produce, and it may mean money for you.

A class action lawsuit claims certain oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, and navel oranges sold in bulk in mesh or plastic bags may have been overcharged thus paying more "than the lowest in-store advertised price for those products".

So what does this mean if it sounds like you? Well, it could mean a little cash coming your way. Although  Walmart denied the allegations, rather than fight it out in court, they felt that a settlement was "in the best interest of both parties." Now, because of that decision, Walmart will be returning around $45 million to shoppers. Refunds will be checks and could be up to $500.

Who's Eligible for a Walmart Refund?

According to the lawsuit,  if you made your purchase between October 18, 2018, and January 19, 2024, you are eligible. The same is true if you purchased any meat, pork, poultry, or seafood labeled with a price-embedded bar code and part of Walmart's Department 93 products.

How Much Will I Get Back?

As with most refunds like this, it depends. The breakdown of the lawsuit states, if you have your receipt, you can get back 2% of the total cost, up to $500. Without your receipt, you'll get $10 for 50 eligible items claimed,  $15 for 51 to 75 items, $20 for 76 to 100 items, or $25 for more than 101 eligible items.

How Do I File for a Walmart Refund?

You'll find all the documents and information you need to file your claim at Time is ticking. so be sure to act fast.

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