Across the country, at any bar, you will surely find a specialty drink that the locals love. You know, that drink that has a connection with the state and its surroundings. As a matter of fact, 29 states have designated at least one official state beverage, drink, spirit, or soft drink as their signature drink.

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Recently 24/7 Tempo took to searching out those "Iconic Drinks from Every State That Everyone Should Try". Consider it your own private drink menu for America. These are those "must try" beverages each state has to deliciously offer to anyone new to the area and of course a staple for residents.

"Reviewing state websites, alcoholic beverage industry publications, and various pop culture sources, 24/7 Tempo has assembled a list of signature drinks from all 50 states. These are only occasionally the officially designated beverages — milk appears only once — but include cocktails invented in or indelibly linked to various states as well as individual kinds of alcohol or soda known to be consumed in large quantities in one state or another", 24/7 Tempo said.

What is Michigan's Most Iconic Drink?

For Michigan, it seems no surprise that the most iconic drink in the Great Lakes state is so Pure Michigan. 24/7Tempo chose the ever-popular Vernors as the most iconic drink in the state. Here's what they said:

"Ginger ale aficionados often name this rich, barrel-aged soft drink as their favorite. First formulated by a Detroit pharmacist in 1866, it was once promoted as “Detroit’s drink.” The city’s own Aretha Franklin was famous for her holiday ham glazed with Vernors."

If you are a true Michigander, you know they left out that Vernors is also the cure for anything that ails you too. No sick day would be complete without it.

Whether you're enjoying the bustling city life of Detroit, the artistic vibe of Ann Arbor, or the tranquil beauty of the Upper Peninsula, Vernors will be around...with or without a little shot of something extra. ;)

Take a look at those "Iconic Drinks From Every State Everyone Should Try" here.

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