File this one under "How Drunk Do You Have to Be?". Hold onto your steering wheels, because we've got a tale straight out of the "you can't make this stuff up" files.

A Michigan driver is facing charges for operating a vehicle under the influence.  It seems the 18-year-old from Springport has somehow picked up a tree along the way that was embedded in the front of his truck.

Now, before you start wondering if Michigan has some new eco-friendly auto accessory trend, we're here to tell you that's a hard no. The tree was clearly the result of a crash, but it somehow stayed pretty much intact and was "along for the ride" standing straight up.

The interesting discovery was made when the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office received a call about a damaged truck parked at a gas station with a tree stuck on its bumper. Deputies had already received a call regarding a crash earlier according to reports.

When deputies arrived at the gas station to investigate the unusual car ornament, they found the driver passed out inside the truck. After waking the man up, the deputies ended up taking the driver to a hospital for treatment.

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The Ingham County Sheriff's Department stated that this could have been a tragic situation in that they believe he crashed his vehicle sometime around midnight while driving under the influence, and was still intoxicated when they found him at 6:30 am. Deputies say it was fortunate nobody else was hit or injured by the driver.

It's no big shock the young driver will be facing charges for driving while intoxicated. So, here's a friendly PSA from your favorite storyteller: whether you're driving through the heart of Michigan or cruising down any other road, leave the trees where they belong – firmly planted in the ground. Drinking and driving...not cool.

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