Michigan's shortest Freeway is located in Detroit.

UPDATE: MDOT has plans to convert I-375 into a street-level boulevard. 

It's no surprise to any Michigander to hear that I-75 is the longest highway in Michigan and runs 395 miles between Ohio and Sault Ste. Marie. The shortest state trunkline road, at only 0.7 miles long, is M-212 in Cheboygan County. What is the shortest freeway in Michigan?

The shortest freeway in Michigan, with a total distance of 1.062 miles, is I-375 in Detroit. At one point, I-375 was recognized as the shortest signed Interstate Highway in the nation. That changed when the 0.9-mile I-110 in El Paso, Texas became a signed Interstate Highway. However, this may not last long as the Michigan Department of Transportation announced last year that I-375 will be converted to a boulevard.

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To put into perspective just how short of a freeway this is, here are some things throughout Michigan that are longer than I-375.

  1. The track at Michigan International Speedway. Coming in at two miles long, the MIS track is almost double the length of I-375.
  2. The Mackinac Bridge. With a total length of 26,372 feet, the Mighty Mac is just shy of five miles long.
  3. The Ambassador Bridge. While smaller than the Mackinac Bridge, the Ambassador Bridge connecting Detroit and Windsor is still 0.36 miles longer than I-375.
  4. Walking from Greektown Casino (Yes, I know it's Hollywood Casino now, but not everyone knows that) to Little Caesars Arena is on average a 1.2-mile trek depending on which way you go. That is still longer than I-375.
  5. The average length of a PGA Tour golf course is 7,200-7,300 yards (just over four miles.) That means that most PGA golfers will walk the distance of I-375 around four times in any given round they play.


Source: Michigan.gov

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