Heads up Michigan residents, there are four items at grocery stores that you should avoid.

Who determined what these four foods are? Food safety experts. The Huff Post asked food safety experts what foods they avoid when grocery shopping. If actual food safety experts are avoiding these items, there is a good chance you will want to avoid them too.

What four items do food experts recommend we should avoid at grocery stores?

The four items some food safety experts avoid at grocery stores are as follows,

Hot Food Bars

steel tray filled with food inside the self service Chinese restaurant

Okay, this photo may be from a restaurant buffet, but you get the picture (pun intended). Food safety expert Dr. Bryan Quoc Le recommends finding out the temperature of the food bar.

Le says the correct temperature for hot food is 135 Fahrenheit or above, and 41 Fahrenheit or below for cold.

Raw Milk

Glass of the milk on a rustic wooden table.

Kali Kniel, a microbiologist at the University of Delaware, said there is no way to determine if the unpasteurized raw milk is contaminated. It is not worth chancing.

Raw Sprouts

healthy rye bread with avocado cucumber radish sprouts

Kniel chimes in on sprouts as well. According to the microbiologist, raw sprouts can be full of salmonella and E-coli.

Fresh Fruit Prepared In-Store

Assortment of cut fruit in containers on display for sale

Dr. Le claims that if you are eating in-store prepared fresh fruit, you are taking the same chance as eating raw sprouts.

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You don't know where the hands of the person cutting the fruit have been, and experts in particular avoid cut melons because of the risk of melons absorbing infected water.

So there you have it, four items we should be avoiding at the grocery store.

The question now is, will you be following the advice of food safety experts, or not?

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