An altercation over guacamole led to a customer shooting an employee at a Chipotle restaurant in Southfield, Michigan.

The incident happened Friday, April 5th, 2024 at Chipotle on 26147 Evergreen Road.

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According to FOX 2 News, the suspect Aaron Brown, 32, was at Chiptole placing an order when he asked for extra guacamole. A female employee who was waiting on Brown added the guacamole.

Brown, not satisfied with the amount called the woman an expletive. Reports indicate in detail what happened next.

The female Chipotle worker was visibly upset and was moved from her position by fellow employees. Brown proceeded behind the counter to grab his order and help himself to a cup of guacamole.

An unidentified male 21-year-old Chipotle employee confronted Brown which ended with the employee getting pushed around by Brown and was eventually shot in the knee.

Aaron Brown then fled but was eventually caught by police. You can see a video of the incident recorded by a Chipotle customer below.

Brown is now facing multiple charges including assault. Brown does not have a previous record.

There is no excuse for yelling at a food service worker period, let alone shooting one over a condiment.

We send our best to the shooting victim and all of the Chipotle staff at this Southfield location.


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