Just how many firearms were detected by the TSA at Michigan airports in 2023?

It seems like it would be common knowledge to travelers that you cannot get on a plane with a firearm in your carry-on luggage. However, that doesn't mean that some people haven't tried.

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For most people who travel through the airports, going through security is the most frustrating and time-consuming part. Sure, it may take a lot of time, especially on busy days, but knowing that you're safe on your flight is definitely worth it.

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The Transportation Security Administration recently revealed the number of firearms that it detected at airport security checkpoints in Michigan. The total number of firearms detected at Detroit Metro International Airport dropped compared to 2022, but increased at two others.

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How Many Firearms Were Detected by TSA Checkpoints in 2023?

Here are the stats from the TSA from the last five years. Below you'll see the number of firearms caught by TSA checkpoints at five different Michigan airports.

  • Detroit Metropolitan International Airport (DTW)
    • 2019 - 47
    • 2020 - 44
    • 2021 - 94
    • 2022 - 100
    • 2023 - 96
  • Flint Bishop Airport (FNT)
    • 2019 - 4
    • 2020 - 1
    • 2021 - 4
    • 2022 - 3
    • 2023 - 3
  • Gerald R. Ford International Airport (GRR)
    • 2019 - 10
    • 2020 - 12
    • 2021 - 22
    • 2022 - 12
    • 2023 - 19
  • Cherry Capital Airport (TVC)
    • 2019 - 3
    • 2020 - 1
    • 2021 - 5
    • 2022 - 2
    • 2023 - 4
  • Delta County Airport (ESC)
    • 2019 - 0
    • 2020 - 0
    • 2021 - 0
    • 2022 - 0
    • 2023 - 1

Overall in 2023, the Transportation Security Administration had the highest one-year total of firearms detected across the nation in TSA history. TSA security checkpoints stopped a total of 6,737 firearms from getting into secure areas at the airport and onboard the planes.

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What happens if a firearm is detected at a TSA security checkpoint in an airport?

If a firearm is detected at a TSA security checkpoint, local law enforcement is immediately contacted. The passenger and the firearm are then removed from the checkpoint area for further investigation. Local law enforcement may arrest or cite the passenger depending on the local laws. The TSA however, does not confiscate the firearm.

The passenger who brings a firearm to a checkpoint also faces action from the TSA including fines up to $15,000, the revocation of TSA PreCheck eligibility for at least five years, and possible enhanced screening.

Passengers that wish to travel by plane with firearms must follow TSA rules and pack it in their checked luggage. Click here to see how to properly travel with a firearm.

Source: TSA

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