Cedar Point is preparing to hire thousands of workers for the upcoming season.

'America's Roller Coast' is preparing for a massive hiring blitz in preparation for the upcoming season. A week-long hiring event begins tomorrow and Cedar Point is looking to hire 7,000 seasonal associates.

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Cedar Point is set to open for the 2024 season coming up on Saturday, May 4th from 10 am until 8 pm. In order to open, the park will obviously have to hire thousands before that date. Cedar Point hiring week will take place from Saturday, February 17th through Saturday, February 24th, 2024.

Where can one apply for a job at Cedar Point?

Those wanting to apply for a job at Cedar Point can do so in-person or online all this week. If you plan on applying in person, click here to see all of the places you can stop by including the Cedar Point Recruiting Center, Huron High School, Sandusky High School, and more.

What are the perks of working at Cedar Point?

The benefits and perks of working at Cedar Point include:

  • Paid Training and Free Uniforms
  • Free Admission to Cedar Fair parks
  • Free tickets for friends and family
  • Employee-only ride nights, game nights, and free food events
  • and more

What positions are available?

Some of the available positions at Cedar Point include:

  • Ride Operators
  • Food and Beverage
  • Lifeguards and Aquatics
  • Security
  • Hotels
  • Maintenance
  • Behind-the-scenes roles and more

If you are interested, click here for all the details.

Also, Cedar Point is also running their Presidents Day Sale and you can buy tickets now for as little as $39.99 through February 18th.

Source: Cedar Point

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