Winter might be coming to a close, but that doesn't mean that we aren't still dealing with illness. There are more than a few viruses and other illnesses that are making their way across the nation, let alone throughout the state of Michigan.

Viruses and Illnesses Going Through Michigan

It seems like every week you hear about someone suffering from a cough or some kind of stomach bug. These kinds of things you'll want to be on the lookout for so that way you're not suffering as we get into spring. Thankfully, there are some steps you can take to help prevent illness;

  • make sure you're up to date on vaccinations
  • avid hand washing
  • cleaning high-traffic areas in the home (light switches, doorknobs, etc.)
  • wearing a mask, if necessary

Here are the viruses and illnesses making their way through Michigan:

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Paper with norovirus and pills.
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This is a food-borne illness, so it can occur at any time of year. However, data from WastewaterSCAN shows an uptick in cases so far this year. Norovirus can cause diarrhea and vomiting.

Human metapneumovirus (HMPV)

HMPV comes from the same virus family as RSV, and affects you similarly. It's a respiratory virus that causes cold-like symptoms, including a cough that tends to stick around.

Influenza B

There are four strains of the influenza virus, and the B strain is a pesky one, spreading illness among older people and people with weaker immune systems.

Bronchiolitis and RSV

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Canva Pro

These are lung and respiratory infections, often affecting young children and infants.


This virus will give you a fever, and possibly a rash, cold symptoms, vomiting, and diarrhea. The best treatments call for rest, liquids, and fever control means.

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