If you've scrolled through TikTok at one time or another, you may have seen videos from Keith Lee.

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For those of you who don't know who Keith Lee is, he's a content creator who makes videos all about food. Specifically, he'll visit restaurants, order a whole bunch of food off the menu,vand do a taste test and review, all while sitting in his little one's Paw Patrol camping chair.

Keith does not pull punches. He's not mean when he gives his reviews, but he's definitely honest. And I believe it's this refreshing honesty and kindness that has made Keith's video so popular on TikTok.

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Keith has hundreds and hundreds of videos on the social media app, so many of which have millions on views. And it's this following and his videos that helps these businesses gain some attention.

TikTok's Keith Lee Spotted in Michigan

Keith is based in Las Vegas, but did you know he made a visit to Michigan.

Keith is originally from Michigan, but lives in Las Vegas now with his wife and kids. But he was just in Michigan, and while he was here, he had some time to stop at restaurants and give some reviews.

Keith visited a few places while in Detroit;

Check out the videos below. And maybe make some plans to eat in Detroit.

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