If you're walking up and down the aisles of the supermarket, what are you looking for?

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Are you the person on the lookout for a bargain no matter the product? Hey, no shame in that game. I do most of my shopping where there aren't really name brands, there's just "the Aldi brand", and that's it. But Aldi typically hits the mark when it comes to their knock-off.s

Are Michiganders Looking for a Good Bargain?

However, maybe you're a bargain hunter with limits. You're out there looking for those good deals, but you're still loyal to certain products.

I'm sure everyone has their favorites... I know I do. I cannot compromise when it comes to mayonnaise, cotton swabs, and toilet paper. I go with Hellman's mayo, Q-Tips cotton swabs, and Charmin toilet paper—I'm not dealing with some one-ply off-brand.

That brings me to my point; What brands are you loyal to? What brand, no matter what the price savings might be, are you not deviating from?

Brands That Michiganders are Loyal to

Having chatted with a wide swath of Michiganders, I learned that we definitely have our preferences, particularly when it comes to food and home essentials products.

Plus, get ready for a little head-to-head battle when it comes to mayo preferences because Michigan appears to have its loyalty split down the middle for two different brands (and styles).

Check out the list below and learn which products and brands Michiganders cannot buy off-brand.

15 Products Michiganders Will Never Buy the Off-Brand Of

For certain products, Michiganders definitely have their favorites and off-brand just won't do. Find out which name-brand products Michiganders are loyal to. And get ready for a split down the middle when it comes to mayo loyalty.

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