Yes, there are only a few more days until Christmas. And no, I haven't finished my Christmas shopping yet.

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Will I? Absolutely yes, with the help of some small local businesses.

Shop Small, Locally Owned Businesses

Small, locally owned shops are what help make a community strong.

Our fellow community members own them, we lift them up when we patronize them, which in turn continues to help the community at large. So shopping local is a great way to spend your gift budget.

And while so many amazing gifts can be purchased, I wanted to focus in on stocking stuffers.

What Do You Put in a Christmas Stocking?

When I think of stuffing a socking, of course you've got to have some candy. And because a stocking takes more than a few items to fill it, you've got to think of some other small items to put in there. There's no need to go crazy, but maybe a small handful of knick-knacks.

Keeping in mind your budget, here's a list of some awesome local Lansing-area businesses that have some great stocking stuffers for under $15!

Bad Annie's Sweary Goods in Old Town Lansing

Bad Annie's has all kinds of delightfully fun and sweary things you can give to the person who swears like a sailor or the big Dolly Parton fan in your life. Socks, books, clothes, kitchen towels, and more.

The Screamatorium and Deadtime Stories in REO Town

Screamatorium and Deadtime Stories have all kinds of books, plushes, stickers, knick-knacks, and more. From the cute to the macabre and everything in between.

Capital Hippie in Downtown Lansing

Socks, a headband, or another accessory would be perfect for the hippie in your life.

The Peanut Shop in Downtown Lansing

Peanuts, candies, and more are all perfect little snacks to add to a stocking.

The Beeswax Barrn in Haslett

All kind of beeswax candles, creams, and more are available to be a stocking stuffer.

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9 Wonderful Items to Put in a Lansing-Themed Gift Basket

As Michael Scott from The Office once said, "Gift baskets are amazing. Gift baskets are the essence of class and fanciness. They are the ultimate present that a person can receive." And I don't disagree with him. That's why I decided to put together my own gift basket, but in my case, a Lansing-themed basket. Take a look through the goodies below to see what kind of items would make for a wonderful Lansing-themed gift basket. I tried to stick true to Michael's beliefs that a "little bit of fat and salt" is what people really want.

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