A few weeks ago, I wrote about something I noticed near Frandor.

What's Happening at the Sledding Hill by Frandor in Lansing?

I was driving eastbound along Grand River, passing by Frandor, when I noticed that there was a whole bunch of construction. And not on the road, mind you, but on the grassy hill area just to the east of Frandor.

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This area, set back just behind Michael's inside the Frandor shopping center, is most well known for the sledding hill that's back there. Many Lansing residents have slid down that snow-covered hill in the winter.

Frandor Sledding Hill

I was curious to know what kind of construction they were doing because there's no way that they'd get rid of the sledding hill... right?

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Well, thanks to someone in the know, I found out exactly what's happening at Frandor's sledding hill, and here's the scoop:

Here's What's Going On at the Sledding Hill by Frandor

The construction happening near the sledding hill by Frandor is all part of the Montgomery Drain Project.

Here's the low down on the project:

The Montgomery Drain is a county drain managed by the Ingham County Drain Commissioner's Office. The current Montgomery Drain stormwater improvement project will repair sections of the existing drain and add new facilities including detention ponds, rain gardens and "low impact design" features. Areas within the City of Lansing include the former Red Cedar Golf Course, the Frandor Shopping area and the Frandora Hills neighborhood (see the Montgomery Drain Map (PNG)). The project was initiated in 2014, however, construction began in 2020 and is expected to last until 2024.

All of this is to help stop pollution from getting into the Red Cedar River.

Photo Courtesy Of Google Maps
Photo Courtesy Of Google Maps

Fox 47 spoke to the Ingham County Drain Commissioner, Parick Lindemann, who said that the root of the pollution issue was the dated city pipes. They are crushed in some spots and in such disrepair that they need replacing.

According to my source, there will also be "new walking paths around the park, storm drain improvements, a fancy water wall, and a sundial."

And yes, the sledding hill is staying! So don't worry about that. If you want to read more about the project, click here.

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