Sadly, Lansing has had a few businesses close since the start of the year.

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Ellison Brewery and Event Space in REO Town closed in early January; the East Lansing location of GoodFellas Bagel Deli also closed in early January; and The Airport Tavern and Steakhouse is closed, at least temporarily, in mid January.

Lansing has a rich and every changing business landscape. Sometimes it changes for the better with the addition of new restaurants and businesses. And sadly, it can sometimes change for the worse when we lose a business. Now is another one of those times.

Lansing will have to say goodbye to another long-time business.

Business Closures in Lansing

Duke's Saloon in Downtown Lansing has closed.

Google Maps
Google Maps

This closure came very suddenly, with the announcement being made via a piece of paper taped to the door saying "closed". In the pictures that the Lansing State Journal got, you can also see that the glass doors are covered in paper so you can't see inside.

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There's no word on Duke's Instagram page about the closing. As of now, the last post was February 10th, 2024, stating there was a dance party going on with various drink specials.

Also at this time, there doesn't appear to be confirmation from the establishment as to whether it's permanently or temporarily, although when you search for 'Duke's Saloon Lansing', Google has them listed as "temporarily closed".

This closure comes after nearly a decade or spinning tunes and slinging drinks, as Duke's Saloon originally opened in May 2015.

I'm especially sad because I've spent many a fun evening with my girlfriends dancing away the night. Goodbye, Duke's.

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