It seems like every other week we see stories on the news detailing the drama in another school district over limiting students' access to certain reading material.

Book bans are not a thing of the past - they're happening now, and according to Pen America, the number of books being banned in schools across the United States is on the rise.

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Which Michigan School Districts Have Banned Books?

Let's start by clarifying what constitutes a ban.

According to the American Library Association, a book ban happens when materials are either removed or restricted, based upon the objections of a person or group.

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When the Board of Education overseeing Davison (Mich.) Community Schools voted unanimously in 2022 to remove eight books from the media centers in its middle and high schools, a spokesperson for the school system attempted to draw a distinction between "banned books" and the actions of the school system.

Michelle Edwards, the director of public information for Davison Community Schools, told the Davison Index that the books in question hadn't been banned from the schools; that they just wouldn't be available in the media centers. By the American Library Association's definition, that restriction of access would still constitute a ban.

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Other Michigan districts to have banned at least one book from its school libraries include Dearborn Public Schools, Portage Public Schools, Spring Lake Public Schools, and St. Joseph Public Schools, according to Pen America.

What Books Have Been Banned in Michigan Schools?

While the list is ever-changing and ever-growing, check out these 16 books that have been banned in certain Michigan schools.

16 Books That Have Been Banned by Michigan Schools

Some Michigan school districts have banned these books, citing objectionable content.

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