No matter where you like to do your grocery shopping, thankfully Michigan has options to suit everyone's needs.

Grocery Stores in Michigan

Are you looking for a Michigan-based store? You can check out one of the many Meijer locations scattered across the Mitten state. There are plenty to choose from, by the way; 123 Meijer locations are within Michigan's borders, accounting for 46% of all Meijer locations.

Photo via GoogleMaps
Photo via GoogleMaps

Are you looking for high-quality niche items, or maybe lots of variety when it comes to organic options? Maybe Whole Foods is more your speed. Keep in mind, that Whole Foods was just named America's 'most overpriced grocery store', but there are eight locations throughout Michigan.

Photo via GoogleMaps
Photo via GoogleMaps

Or, when you're going grocery shopping, are you looking for the most bang for your buck, even if it means suffering while you shop?

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Yes, I said suffering, because it turns out Michigan is full of a grocery store that is ranked absolute dead last when it comes to consumers' favorite place to shop.

America's Least Favorite Grocery Store

Every year, the American Customer Satisfaction Index looks at the grocery stores of America and ranks them from most to least favorite.

If you guessed Walmart, you'd be right.

Walmart store exterior

Walmart is America's Least Favorite Grocery Store

Walmart only scored 74% when it came to satisfaction ratings.

However, when you want a good deal, Walmart probably has your back. Especially considering there are 90 Walmart locations within Michigan. Which is only 33 less than Michigan-based chain store, Meijer.

Food Chains Based In Michigan

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