I've said it before and I'll say it again...every time I head north on 127 and get close to Ithaca, those wind turbines loom on the horizon, like the alien invasion from “War of the Worlds.” Creeps me out every time.

There are wind turbine haters and wind turbine lovers. There are advantages and disadvantages. When a wind turbine has exceeded its life span, it is removed.

1) They don't pollute the air or water
2) They reduce the use of fossil fuels
3) Cheaper than coal or gas
4) Provides affordable electricity
5) No need to rely on other countries for energy sources

The arguments against turbines point out that:
1) The blades have killed “thousands of migratory birds and harm wildlife”
2) Too noisy and bothers nearby residents

How do you feel about the removal of wind turbines? The average life span of a turbine is anywhere between 20 to 30 years. We're basically talking about the simple stuff like the towers and foundations...however, the intricate workings are a different story. Generators, wiring, blades, gearboxes, etc. are expected to be replaced much earlier.

Also disturbing to some is that when a turbine has been decommissioned and taken down, the blades end up buried in a landfill.

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In June 2024, Mackinaw City’s two wind turbines were taken down. Erected in 2001, the turbines in Mackinaw were Michigan’s first commercial wind project, each 230 feet high with 85-foot blades. Some of the scrap was recycled, while the blades taken to a landfill.

Thanks to Roy and Brian Cole, the gallery below features photos of those torn-down  turbines in Mackinaw City...

Wind Turbines Torn Down - Mackinaw City


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