There was a time in my younger days when I couldn't wait to head to Ohio's Cedar Point and stand for hours in the blistering heat, moving inches at a time, waiting for the chance to ride that season's newest, tallest, curviest, or upside-downiest ride. From the Demon Drop to the Magnum, the Iron Dragon to Top Thrill Dragster, I braved the masses and the heat for an unparalleled adrenaline rush. Fast forward a decade or two, and now I'd rather make a quick trip to Muskegon and visit the just as impressive but not skyscraping Michigan's Adventure, home to the state's tallest rollercoaster.

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In 1998, Michigan's Adventure worked with Custom Coaster International to build a wooden rollercoaster that stretches over 5,383 feet and a height that would give it the title of Michigan's tallest rollercoaster. The final price tag would be more than $4,500,000.

The Origins of Michigan's Tallest Rollercoaster

Revealing the Tallest Rollercoaster in Michigan
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Shivering Timbers, Michigan's tallest rollercoaster, is conveniently located in Michigan's largest amusement park. Located in Muskegon, Michigan's Adventure offers a wide range of rides and attractions for thrill seekers of all ages. Once the colossal wooden coaster was complete, Shivering Timbers became the park's crown jewel, attracting coaster lovers from around the world.

The ride delivers an adrenaline-pumping experience from start to finish. Riders are immediately treated to the ride's apex with a 122-foot drop. Next up is a series of hills that give a feeling of weightlessness by lifting you off your seat into the bar and holding you inside the cart. Throw in some banked turns on a charming wooden structure coaster that creaks and rumbles, and you've got a ride that adrenaline junkies love.

Michigan's Adventure: More Than Just Coasters

Revealing the Tallest Rollercoaster in Michigan
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While Shivering Timbers is the park's main attraction, the real draw for me and my family has been the variety of attractions and rides. There are over 60 rides, including a waterpark, family, and kiddie rides.

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The only drawback for real thrill seekers is that 122 feet is nothing compared to other nearby attractions. Considering a drive to Sandusky, Ohio, will put you in front of Cedar Points Top Thrill 2, which is 420 feet tall and reaches a speed of 120 mph, you have choices. Want to ride the world's tallest ride? You'll need to head to New Jersey's Six Flags Great Adventure and tackle the 453-foot tall Kingda Ka, which reaches a blistering 128 mph. Good luck, thrill seekers, and make sure your set belt is securely fastened.

The Best Rides at Michigan’s Adventure [RANKED]

Michigan has so many fun things to see and do, and one of the best is Michigan's Adventure. This theme park, located in Muskegon, has attractions for the whole family. They even have a waterpark! If you're looking to plan a trip, we've got you covered with a list of all of the best rides. Keep scrolling to find out which ride we put in the number one spot.

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