Growing up in the small but mighty town of Brooklyn, Michigan, we left our doors unlocked and garage doors open without considering whether or not it was safe. Other than the occasional petty theft by a neighborhood kid looking for snacks, pop, or fireworks, we didn't need to. That complete lack of fear may not be commonplace today, but a few communities in Michigan have been recognized as some of the safest in America.

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Safe is a subjective term. I lived in Detroit, and on only one occasion did I feel unsafe, and that was because a 'kind older gentleman' told me I had better get my pale butt out of the area before I lost it. You can find something to be fearful of in any location if you so desire.

Revealing the Four Safest Cities in Michigan

Revealing the four safest cities in Michigan according to
loading... recently ranked 100 cities throughout the United States to determine the safest. According to their results, Naperville, Illinois, is the safest city in the country. Why?

Using data from the FBI's Uniform Crime Report, Homesnacks determined that in 2022, 1,290 crimes were committed in Naperville. With a population of 148,929, that is 0.0087 crimes per capita, which means you have a 1 in 115 chance of being a victim of a crime there.

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Here's a look at the four Michigan cities that ranked in Homesnacks' Top 100 Safest Cities in America list.

The Four Safest Cities in Michigan in 2024 did some digging into the FBI's Uniform Crime Report to determine which cities are the safest in Michigan. Comparing violent crime and population to reveal your odds of being a victim of a crime, here are the four safest cities in Michigan.

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