Yes, millions of Americans are wondering: “just how did people in the Detroit ‘hoods celebrate the 4th of July?”

In actuality, probably NObody was wondering.
But I thought it would be interesting anyhow.

I came across a video of a person who took it upon his/herself to hop in the car on the evening of July 4th, drive slowly through some of Detroit’s ‘hoods, and record images of how the night of Independence Day is celebrated. With economic times being so tough on everyone right now, it's good to see that we can still have fun and celebrate - even if it's in our own backyards.

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Keep in mind, it’s night time and the images will be undoubtedly dark…but you’ll see plenty of neighborhood residents lighting off fireworks in the street. Also, neighbors sitting outside enjoying the makeshift firework shows, small parties, lots of smoke, bombs bursting in air…..and even some fire trucks. Yep, some of the fireworks set off a few minor flames where a phone call to the local firefighters was necessary.

For me, I would much rather enjoy small neighborhood firework celebrations like these, instead of being jostled and bumped in a huge crowd somewhere else. You’re with familiar faces, good friends, family members, you’re close to home, and you can go into the house to grab more food & drinks when you run out…..just gotta be careful of those trees along the streets! Gotta make sure you don’t set those leaves and branches on fire! Aim those ‘works away from ‘em…

I’m not sure of the names of the streets but maybe you’ll spot some street signs in the images below.

Now take a look and see how the folks in a few select Detroit neighborhoods celebrated the night of the 4th of July…

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