Weddings are wonderful! A lot of people I consider friends make a great living as caterers, DJs, photographers, and hair care professionals. I also have friends who own beautiful wedding venues that provide the perfect backdrop for weddings and receptions. I myself worked as a wedding DJ for years and often run into people whose events I'd been a part of. But...

Here's What the Average Wedding in Michigan Will Cost

On average for a Michigan wedding, the "best day of your life" will run you as much as a downpayment on the average Michigan home. That's assuming you're putting 10 percent down on a home that is around $214,231 (the average cost of a home in Michigan in August 2021). Actually, at that price, you'd be putting down 12.6 percent on a new home.

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You could pay cash for a brand-new Chevy Trailblazer, Volkswagen Taos, Ford Maverick, or Honda Civic AND have enough for a week-long vacation outside of Michigan or even the United States.


So, what is the average cost of a wedding in Michigan? According to it's:


Chances are you've had 1 of 4 different reactions after reading that number and you're thinking:

  1. Wow! Who has that kind of money?
  2. Yeah, that's about what we paid.
  3. Really? That's all?
  4. What business is it of yours how much we spend on a wedding?!

All fair and honest reactions. But I lied. There is a 5th reaction and Millennials and Gen Zers are willing to forgo marriage and live together until having a wedding is more affordable. For generations who get a lot of flack, that's some pretty solid logic.


Knowing how much that wedding you're attending this weekend costs on average, you may want to throw a couple of extra bucks in that envelope.

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