WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

Somebody had questions about this old abandoned house just south of the towns of Ridgeway and Britton, northeast of Adrian, Lenawee County.

This house pretty much sits alone out in the countryside, built in a fashion that reminds me of an old inn or stagecoach stop. The structure was built in 1900, so it was likely not used as a stagecoach stop…but it very well could have been used as an inn or tavern.

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It is described as being a 2,346 square foot home, containing eight rooms, four bedrooms, 1½ bathrooms, and basement. Past owners were named as Burtless and Sura. Different realtors list the selling price with various numbers: $159,000, $199,000, and $273,000, with the last selling price at $95,000. Looking at its present condition, and being on only one acre of land, I wouldn’t price it over $100,000. It would cost thousands and thousands of bucks to fix it up.

Still, though, it’s a cool looking old house, sitting there hiding in a small patch of trees, with someone keeping the side lawn maintained. Over the past few years, somebody has cleaned up the debris, old rusted-out cars, weeds, and brush, but there is still enough junk and clutter left behind to challenge someone. I have a feeling it was once a grand place to live.

If anyone has any extra history about this old house, it is welcome…

Abandoned House Near Adrian: Lenawee County


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