As Michiganders, we have always been proud of the stores that we grew up going grocery shopping in. Stores like Meijer, Farmer Jack, Kmart, and many other Michigan-made grocery stores have been a staple of our grocery shopping experience. But with the growth of bulk stores and Walmart throughout the country, which one among this list is the most affordable?

Funny enough, the answer is none of them. But that’s not to say Michigan isn’t home to two of the most affordable, grocery stores in the country. It is quite the opposite, as a recent list, tracking the most affordability between all of the grocery stores in Michigan shows that Michigan has the most and most affordable.

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Coming in At Number 7...Costco

Number seven is Costco which is great if you’ve got a family and are looking to stock up on groceries instead of making weekly trips for necessities.

Aldis-Deals For a Good Reason

See what I did there? Coming in at number one is a very popular store, Aldi, which has more than 2300 stores across 39 states. In a recent survey on, 90% of the survey respondents said all the offers value for the money you spend there.

None of the other Michigan-born grocery stores were within this list so it would be interesting to see how places like Hardings and Meijer would hold up against these findings.

What are your favorite places to get groceries in where you think the money you spend is getting the most bang for your buck?

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