It just seems like there are more and more ways to get yourself in trouble on the road. Before, you could keep an eye out for the cops hiding on the side of the road, or even turn on your radar detector to catch them, trying to catch you.

But things are much more complicated these days, and a new house bill in Michigan won't even require a police presence for you to be administered a ticket in certain areas now.

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The Michigan House introduced two bills in 2023 - HB 4132 and 4133 - would change a certain Michigan law, and allow cameras to be installed through construction zones to catch drivers either speeding, or driving in an unsafe manner.

In particular, the bills would focus on construction areas where there are no barriers between traffic, and the construction workers.

Michigan Construction Zone Cameras

Personally, I don't mind this at all. Anything that can make the workplace safer for construction workers is alright in my book. Plus, I've seen so many instances in construction zones where someone will be cruising along well above the speed limit, but the instant they see the police, they'll slam on the breaks, and potentially cause an accident behind them.

Better to let the traffic flow, and issue the ticket later, than to potentially cause another accident that could hurt even more people. It's the same principle as not chasing a suspect through crowded areas when you've already got the license plate number of the vehicle they were driving.

So what's a ticket from the "Construction Candid Cameras" gonna cost us? Well, it's not cheap. Even if you're just driving 10 mph, the ticket could be between $150 and $300. And depending on the infraction BEYOND just speeding, it could even be more.

So it's not enough to just keep an eye out for the fuzz anymore. Better safe than sorry, and best to just follow the rules.

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