Michigan has dozens of Higher Learning facilities, aka Colleges and Universities, within its borders. Some are massive and get national attention on a yearly basis. Others, you might not even know about unless you lived in their communities. But one thing that most of them have in common is their mascots.

Some are strong, some are pretty common, and some come so far out of left field, you can't help but pay attention to them, and THOSE are the mascots I want to pay tribute to, there, by ranking the best Michigan College Mascots.

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For context, I went through more than a hundred colleges, and some flat out didn't have mascots at all. Others had mascots, but they were pretty generic, or in pretty rough shape. I don't want to focus on schools that maybe just don't have the resources to go above and beyond, but are still trying to bring some excitement to their universities.

That being said, there's some pretty notable colleges in Michigan that SHOULD be able to do better... but aren't.

You might also notice there are two pretty major Michigan Schools missing from this list: Central Michigan, and the University of Michigan. Neither of which seem to have on-field mascots at this time. So they are effectively disqualified

Anyway, I found 14 of what I thought were the best, and most unique mascots in the state, and ranked them from worst to best. Tell me if you agree.

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