The major clothing chain, Macy's... you know, the store that sponsors that HUGE Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City every year - Yeah, they're about to trim the fat. And by "Trim the Fat," I mean get a full on Tummy Tuck, and close more than 100 stores across the country.

There's big cities across the country being affected, but also several in smaller communities, several of which could be in the state of Michigan.

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By the end of 2024, Macy's announced they would be closing 50 stores, and has additional plans to shutter an addition 100 more after that. This comes after a recent meeting, where they announced major fourth-quarter losses, and declining sales.

The company plans to target their most unproductive stores across the country, and will then turn to upgrading the remaining 350 stores in the U.S. This will also include adding more staff and salespeople to fitting areas, shoe departments, and will upgrade more visual displays.

Macy's also announced they would be making a pivot away from their current model, and focus more on "luxury," which has actually done very well for them.

They'll also be adding 15 of the high-end clothing stores, Bloomingdale's, and 30 new luxury Blur Mercury cosmetic locations.

Will Michigan Stores be Affected?

The only confirmed store closure is one of the largest in the company in San Francisco. But beyond that, nobody really knows.

It's unclear if Michigan will be affected. There are 14 stores in the state: 2 in Troy, and one location each in Ann Arbor, FLint, Kentwood, Okemos, Saginaw, Taylor, Darborn, Grandville, Novi, Portage, Sterling Heights, and Traverse City.

Again, it seems like the company will only be targeting stores that underperform. I can't speak for most of the other locations, but given how few vehicles I typically see in the parking lot at Crossroads Mall in Portage... well... you might start preparing to live in a world where Macy's isn't in Portage and Kalamazoo anymore.

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