It’s getting to be that time of the year with people are already hitting up, haunted houses and haunted attractions to get ready for Halloween. There are lots of haunted houses that are already open for the season and unfortunately for us one of the cooler attractions that is truly DIY is going to be taking a break in 2023.

The Hix House in Livonia, Michigan has become a must-see attraction. If you’ve never been to it before, every year the family goes into an elaborate project where they decorate their front yard and turn it into a walk-through attraction. Every year is a different theme, and in the past, we’ve seen Pirates of the Caribbean, Beetlejuice, and Ghostbusters.
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Unfortunately, because of personal issues, they’ve announced that they will not be open for the 2023 season. As expected, the community is bummed, but understanding:
You will be missed this spooky season, but I know this break is very much deserved. Thank you for making Halloween so memorable, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with next year
Although it is unfortunate they won't be open this year, it actually means the family will get to have some fun of their own for a change, as the wife and co-owner of the home commented:
Thank you, we wish we didn’t have to take a break, my husband had shoulder surgery, but on the bright side we get to visit haunted houses this year which we haven’t been able to do in years
Here's hoping for a quick recovery, and we will look forward to a big return in 2024.

Hix House In Livonia Pirates of the Caribbean Halloween 2022

In prior years we've seen everything from Beetlejuice to Ghostbusters but this year's theme took on the Pirates of the Caribbean, equipped with its very own Black Pearl, with a realistic dungeon inside, along with a voodoo hut that featured a manikin dressed as Tia Dalma.