Fans are calling this "peak girlhood."

If you thought this was about hockey-- you thought wrong! For those who were in attendance of Saturday night's hockey game at Little Caesar's Arena (LCA) this was a core memory in the making!

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On March 16, 2024 hockey fans filled the Detroit, MI arena in anticipation of the Professional Women's Hockey League's (PWHL) match-up between Boston and Ottawa. According to CBC Sports the crowd of nearly 13,736 is, "the largest crowd to watch a professional women's hockey game in the United States."

However, Saturday night's game is one for the books not only for it's record-breaking attendance, but for the special powerful moment fans shared as an impromptu Taylor Swift singalong broke out!

With 5:39 remaining in the 2nd period, lyrics to Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me" flashed across the scoreboard and the pandemonium just escalated from there.

One TikTok use @a.turnz11 captured the moment to share with the rest of us, captioning her video, "Taylor Swift and Women's Hockey. What a duo"

What I love most about this whole thing isn't even the video, it's the comments! There's just something about watching female hockey fans, who have already set a record attendance in the PWHL's inaugural season, sing along to their favorite female artist who is also at the peak of her powers in a traditionally male-dominated industry!

Opening Night of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour
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The feeling I get watching this video can be summed up in 2 words: girl. power. Check out some of the top comments below:

  • "I’ve heard “went to a fight and a hockey game broke out” but “went to a hockey game and a Taylor Swift concert broke out” is next level" - QuietStorm
  • "I was there, crying! It was so sweet and powerful!!!!" - Kelly Kroft
  • "I just love this era of women and girls. It feels so powerful and important. I think we’ll be telling our grandkids about this moment in time" - ZoLeoandCo
  • "I felt like the PWHL game I went to was so healing. It’s a magical experience for sure." - Amanda Fabric

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