We think we've found the most remote spot in all of Michigan.  Do you think we got it right?

In this context, the word remote means to be far away from the main centers of the population, according to the Oxford Dictionary.  Identifying the most remote spot in Michigan also known as the middle of nowhere is a combination of math and an educated guess.  Over the years Omer and Long Island have been in this conversation.  Omer has less than 300 residents and sits North of Saginaw Bay.  Although there are very few people living in Omer, it's not very far away from major population areas.  So, that's a no.

The fact that you can't find population info on the 17-acre island called Long Island does make it a better fit for the title 'Most Remote Area in Michigan.'  However, we do feel like Long Island is too close to major population centers in Michigan and Canada.  That leaves Beaver Island.

Is Beaver Island the most remote area of Michigan?
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Beaver Island not only has a very small population (616 estimated residents.)  But it is, quite literally in the middle of nowhere.  To say that it is difficult to get on and off this massive remote island in Lake Michigan would be an understatement according to OnlyInYourState.com,

Beaver Island is situated in Lake Michigan, approximately 31 miles off the shore of Charlevoix. It’s the perfect place to truly “get away from it all.”

Scroll down to check out some breath-taking photos from Beaver Island, Michigan

Is Beaver Island the most remote area of Michigan?
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Beaver Island - The Most Remote Spot in Michigan

Beaver Island stands as the largest island in Lake Michigan and the third-largest island in the state, trailing only Isle Royale and Drummond Island. Encompassing 55.8 square miles, the island lies about 32 miles away from Charlevoix. As of the 2010 census, Beaver Island was home to a population of 657.

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