These iconic Pizza Hut restaurants appear to have been untouched over time!

Same classic look. Same classic pizza. For those Millennials looking relive their Book It! glory days, here's your chance:

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Have you ever heard of a Pizza Hut- Classic?

Described by some as "nostalgic Americana at its best" these retro restaurants are a throwback to simpler times; like when reading a book earned you a personal pan pizza!

Pizza Hut Classic
Pizza Hut Classic - @ThePofoShow via TikTok

According to The Retrologist these "Pizza Hut Classic" locations first started rolling out in smaller markets in 2019 with little to no fanfare. If you are of a certain age you'll recognize the interior as the same classic layout that all Pizza Huts had in the late '80s and '90s like:

  • the salad bar
  • iconic stained glass overhead lamps
  • red seating booths
  • classic logo
  • big red drinking cups
  • a revived version of the old mascot Pizza Hut Pete

It's like we never grew up!

Pizza Hut Classic
Pizza Hut Classic @ThePofoShow via TikTok

Each Pizza Hut Classic location features a plaque from founder Dan Carney explaining the idea behind the branding,

Pizza Hut Classic celebrates our heritage with a design that's reminiscent of our original dine-in restaurants. It reminds us of the Pizza Hut where generations of Americans first fell in love with pizza. We're so happy to have you here; we hope you will fall in love all over again!

Just seeing these photos sends me back to when I was a kid growing up in Allegan, Michigan. There wasn't a whole lot to do downtown if you were under 21, but there was always Pizza Hut! We could walk there after school, snack on some pizza, and spend all our quarters on the jukebox; and what tween hasn't snorted parmesan cheese on a dare before?

Pizza Hut Classic
Pizza Hut Classic @ThePofoShow via TikTok

In Michigan you'll find five Pizza Hut Classic locations, most of which are considered "Up North":

  • 1303 Bridge St., Charlevoix MI
  • 330 W. Main St., Fremont MI
  • 1600 S. Stephenson Ave., Iron Mountain MI
  • 3050 Hwy 31, Traverse City MI
  • 412 Sanilac Rd., Sandusky MI

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