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It's something that's been engrained in every Michigander since their very first winter storm, but have you ever stopped to question why essentials like milk, bread, and eggs are the first to fly off grocery store shelves when we get word of incoming inclement weather?

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I mean, they're called essentials for a reason, but are the straits really as dire as we believe them to be?

I had to run to Aldi at some point before the incoming winter storm hit. With forecasts calling for over 14 inches of snow in parts of Southwest Michigan meteorologists liken this incoming winter storm to the Groundhog Day Blizzard of 2011.

Now, I don't have a great memory but you know a storm is bad if it has its own entry on Wikipedia. Hopefully this isn't quite as extreme, but there's already plenty enough buzz about it as is.

Stores like Meijer and Harding's have been pretty well picked over throughout the last several days in preparation for the storm, but why are things like milk, eggs, and bread the first to go? How Stuff Works explains,

filling your cart with...any selection of non-perishables -- sends the message that you expect the storm to keep you homebound for an extended period. Although practical, non-perishables are a psychological admission that you've surrendered to waiting out the storm and its aftermath; perishables are about optimism.

So buying non-perishables is a sign of weakness?!

I'm sure having experienced the toilet paper and disinfectant wipe shortages caused by the Covid-19 pandemic haven only worsened our attitude towards stockpiling. I was surprised Aldi had any eggs left at all!

What are your favorite snacks to stockpile before extreme weather hits?

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