We're not sure where the rumor started in Michigan that you can legally go 10 mph over the speed limit and police will leave you alone. But, it seems like a lot us are confused on whether or not that statement is actually true. Can you legally go 10mph over the speed speed limit and not get fined in Michigan? And if so, at what point then are you actually speeding?

Speed Limit Laws in Michigan

Speed limits are set to ensure the safety of all drivers. Maximum speed limits are set based on local traffic and road conditions. These are designed to show you how fast you can go in good weather and without any extra hazards like construction. According to Driving Laws, Michigan's top speeds are:

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  • 25 miles per hour in business districts
  • 25 miles per hour in residential districts
  • 25 miles per hour within the boundaries of a public park
  • 55 miles per hour on truck-line and county highways
  • 55 miles per hour on gravel highways, and
  • 70 miles per hour on limited-access freeways

How Much Over The Speed Limit Can You Drive in Michigan?

Traffic violation fines can get confusing in Michigan because the fines aren’t the same across the state. And you can technically be fined for driving 1 mph over the speed limit.  If the absolute speed limit is 50 miles per hour and you drive faster than that, you've violated the law and can get a ticket. It also depends on where you received a speeding ticket that will determine how much of a fine you will have to pay. Expect to pay at least $125 and as much as $240 or more depending on your circumstances.

10 Commandments For Driving In Michigan

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14 Violations That Are Considered Distracted Driving in Michigan

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