Plastic bottles have made taking our favorite beverages a lot more convenient to take with us on the go. But, recent reports show that we could be trading in our health for that convenience. And several states are considering or have already limited or banned the use of plastic bottles altogether. Will Michigan be next?


Are Plastic Bottles Causing Health Concerns For Michigan Residents?

Several cities in states across the U.S. have put bans in place on plastic bottles citing health concerns. According to recent studies, plastic bottles' health concerns have caused fear over their safety. The studies show that scientists have found about a quarter million invisible nanoplastic particles in a liter of bottled water. But, are they causing harm? An AP Report on the matter states:

We don’t know if it’s dangerous or how dangerous,” said study co-author Phoebe Stapleton, a toxicologist at Rutgers. “We do know that they are getting into the tissues (of mammals, including people) … and the current research is looking at what they’re doing in the cells.”

These findings have moved lawmakers to consider bans on the use, sale, and production of water bottles nationwide.

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Will Michigan Ban the Use of Plastic Bottles?

While some Michigan cities have tried regulating single-use plastic containers, there are no laws in place that ban the use of plastic bottles. Banning plastic bottles altogether may be an unattainable reach for many other states in the U.S. Michigan does help the environment as one of the states with the highest return of certain plastic bottles to be recycled to help combat the carbon footprint.

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