I was today years old when I learned what a "Boston Cooler" was.

Have you heard of Michigan's signature drink?

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Well, it's news to me! But why does something so Purely Michigan have "Boston" in its name? Here's the history of Michigan's signature beverage:

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O.G. Boston Cooler

As its name suggests the Boston Cooler is thought to have originated on the east coast. According to All Recipes the term "Boston Cooler" was first used to describe a multitude of concoctions; everything from a mix of sarsaparilla and ginger ale to a scoop of ice cream inside half a melon. Over time a "Boston Cooler" came to mean any combination of soda and ice cream.

However, because these concoctions were served at local soda fountains and pharmacies-- and with Vernors being associated with health and soothing stomach aches at the time-- eventually Boston Coolers became practically synonymous with Vernors in Michigan.

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Another Theory

In certain areas of Michigan you'll find differing theories that credit Detroit man Fred Sanders (of Sanders Candy) with first introducing the soda and ice cream combination to the Detroit area in the 1800s.

If this actually were the case and Sanders did whip up this concoction himself then it seems only natural that his Detroit-based store would use a Detroit made soda like Vernors.

Who Owns The Trademark?

The term became so widely used that eventually Vernors had to trademark the term in 1967 when it was preparing to launch its Vernors Boston Cooler flavored ice cream bar.

Although I'm not entirely sure the ice cream bar ever saw the light of day the trademark tied Vernors and the Boston Cooler in our hearts and stomachs forever.

Is it basically a root beer float with Vernors? Yes. Is it delicious? Also, yes!

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