One of the most important decisions many Michigan students make while in school is which college to attend after graduation. And the Great Lakes State has plenty of top-rated institutions to choose from. Three universities have now been crowned head of the class for offering a world-class education.


Three Michigan Schools Now Ranked Best Universities In The World

U.S. News ranked 2,271 institutions across the globe by weighing research reputation domestically and internationally, the number of research and publication citations, the amount of international collaboration, and more. While three Michigan universities ranked in the Top 500, one landed in the Top 20.

The University Of Michigan in Ann Arbor is #19 on the list. The university ranked in the top 25 internationally for several categories including arts and humanities, clinical medicine, education, economics, and business. U Of M also ranked Top 5 for its regional research reputation.

Michigan State University in East Lansing ranked #123 in the world. Its education and educational research program ranked No. 5 internationally.

Also making the Top 500 Best Universities in the world is Wayne State University at #466. WSU showcases its strong programs in health sciences, law, and business. According to MLive, these 3 universities have partnered to form the University Research Corridor which has put back $24 billion into the state economy through research, education and innovation activities, jobs, and more. And now these rankings highlight the excellence of Michigan's top universities and showcase their commitment to education and the Great Lakes State on a global scale.

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