Michigan is home to so many amazing towns that it would be difficult to choose just one as 'the best'. And that's why we're not surprised that two have recently landed on the list of the best small towns that you have to visit in the Midwest.

Two Michigan Communities Named Best Small Towns In The Midwest

According to USA Today, they selected ten spots that you have to visit in the Midwest. And two of those cities are in Michigan. Whether you live in or have visited one of these small towns in Michigan, there's no wonder that these charming and scenic towns are popular destinations that people from across the nation have on their bucket list of places to see.

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Coming in at #8 on the list is Traverse City, Michigan. USA Today says there is fun to be had in every season in this small town:

Be sure to see the Sleeping Bear Dunes along the lake, taste the famous wines produced here, and enjoy the flavorful cherries that put the town on the map in the first place. There are outdoor adventures to be had throughout the year, as a little bit of snow doesn’t stop the locals from getting out and having fun.


Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

Jumping up a few spots to #4 is where Petoskey, Michigan lands on the list. With this town's picturesque beauty, it's no surprise that this gorgeous town is listed in the top 5. According to USA Today:

 During the late afternoon, visitors can stroll along the aptly named Sunset Park and bask in the beauty of Lake Michigan amidst the golden glow of twilight, while daylight hours bring the opportunity to explore Bear River Valley Recreation Area, a natural feature that's rife with rapids.


Congrats to these Michigan communities for being the best in the Midwest and U.S.

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