Vampire culture is a real thing. It's not just goth kids with fake fangs either. There is a subset of alternative lifestyles that live life as closely to vampiric as humanly possible.

A lot of those folks live fairly secluded lifestyles, understandably, and just want to be left alone. So we aren't here to give them grief but rather look towards cities that would make excellent homes for their fictional inspiration.

We all know traditional vampires need places with plenty of blood supply, dark places to hide and as few days with sunlight as possible to 'survive'. That's why it's really no surprise that Lawn Love's study of where the creatures of the night would thrive led to an abundance of Midwest cities taking up the top of the list.

While, yes, it is indeed spooky season, the study was actually conducted with encouraging blood donations in mind, as the American Red Cross declared a national blood shortage in September.

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Within the top 25 best homes for Vampires, Cleveland landed at 23, Detroit landed at 20, and Indianapolis at 17. Solid representation from Michigan and Indiana. However, Illinois and Ohio both have more fang for their buck.

Naturally, New York City is the top city for Vampires. What with having the largest population in the country, plenty of vampiric culture, a lack of religious deterrents, it makes sense. Second and third place both belong to the Midwest, though.

Columbus, Ohio, takes third. Unlike many of the huge cities taking up the top 10, Columbus is more modest in its rankings across the board, giving it a solid average and a bloody good score. Vampire masquerades are a popular event for those thirsting for a good time. Meanwhile, Columbus is a top-10 casket supplier and blood drive host.

That leaves number two on the list, none other than Chicago. Chicago, ironically enough, is the safest place for Vampires to live overall. This is because of the city's lack of sunshine throughout the year, the percentage of homes with basements, and plenty of coffin suppliers. Plus, the blood is flowing through the third-most populated city in the country, as Chicago ranks in the top 10 for blood centers, slaughterhouses and nightlife options.

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