If you've stumbled on TikTok videos for 'Aggressive Cooking Tutorials' you are watching a neighbor. Jessica Secrest is from West Michigan and has been posting her cooking tutorial videos for several months.

The videos have caught wide attention. She has been getting media inquiry requests and accepted one from the Drew Barrymore Show to appear at the end of January.

If you're not yet familiar with Jessica's cooking - here's a popular video of a TexMex Tatertot Casserole.

If you're seeing an aggressive tutorial for the first time you probably want to see more. They're here. This is the content that got Drew (or perhaps a producer's) attention.

Jessica spent about 5 minutes with Drew and her panel. They discussed her sudden fame. Her on-camera persona versus her real life and getting spotted when out and about - all the teachers at her son's school now know who she is and proudly sport her merch.

You can see the full segment from the Drew Barrymore Show here.

Jessica and her mother traveled to New York and it's chronicled on TikTok, of course. What happens when you go mega-viral, Jessica asks rhetorically to open the video. Here's the answer.

Jessica says the trip to NYC was a first for her. We're guessing it won't be the last.

The Most Popular Fast Food Restaurants in Michigan

What are the most popular fast-food restaurants here in Michigan? If you're automatically assuming that the chain with the Golden Arches has the most locations, you're in for a shock.

As you take a look at the pics below, see if you can figure out which location we've featured. All pictures are from the greater Flint area, and we've left in just enough background for you to be able to make an educated guess.

The answers are below.

By the way, the ranking is based on the restaurants with the most locations in The Mitten, based on data from the Friendly City Lab at Georgia Tech. Their numbers are based on data compiled in 2021, so some numbers may have fluctuated since then.

Gallery Credit: George McIntyre